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After my obsession with watches, I became obsessed with outhouses and portapotties. It started when I went to my brother's camp and used the outhouse to go the bathroom. It stunk so bad, I could barely tolerate it. There was a brand of porta-potty called a Mr. Bob. George said they stunk worse than outhouses. I developed a fear of using any toilet that did not flush. I also became obsessed with those types of bathrooms and outhouses because I wanted to overcome my hyper sensitive sense of smell to those places. I knew a lot of brands of portapotties and would make drawings of them with different mediums. I made a few sculptures of outhouses. I had dreams about them and made up portapotties. I made up songs about them too. I wrote lots of stories about portapotties. I wrote one about an outhouse and a Mr. Bob getting married.
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Smirnoff Ice_oil on canvas_14"x11"_2006