Phoebe Mürer works primarily as a painter, though also as a printmaker and in mixed media. Her subject matter is thematic and intensely personal–idiosyncratic and sometimes startling depictions of her curiosities, her childhood and formative years, her experience as a high functioning autistic woman, and her contentious relationship with special education and psychiatric medication. Water is a particularly strong element in the work. Her lifelong love of water shows up in various forms–natural bodies of water, swimming pools, toilets, waterways of the countries she has traveled to and painted. Her relationship to family and friends, including her long succession of pet rats, is another. Phoebe Mürer's work, like the artist herself, tends to resist a fixed category. The mercurial nature of the imagery, her energetic brush, and her thoroughly competent palette frequently intersect with her unique perspective on popular and consumer culture.

In addition to being a visual artist, Phoebe Mürer is a dedicated writer both of fiction and autobiographical works.

She has a Certificate of FIne Arts from P.A.F.A. (2003), and a B.A. in Psychology and pre-Art Therapy from Arcadia University (2007). She studied art at Fleischer and Moore College of Art and Design. She has worked in recent years as Art Director for the Extended School Year Program at the Timothy School, an elementary school for autistic children in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Phoebe Mürer was recently shown in New York's A.I.R. Gallery group show, "Generations 6" February to March 2007, and in the group show, "Autism Arts in Action" at Holy Family University in Philadelphia in April 2008. She had a solo show at Holy Family University in January 2009 and another at the P.A.F.A. Museum Cafe summer to fall 2012.