My family and I went traveling a lot. We had relatives in Minnesota, Michigan, Norway, etc. We would go to those places by airplane. I enjoyed flying and became obsessed with flying in planes the same time I was obsessed with portapotties. I would get so excited about flying I would change my outfit for the occasion several times like a teenager getting reading for a big date. I would play school with my imaginary friends and time them out for breaking rules. I graded their behavior and mine. That was because Timothy school had no grades, so I used grades. I really wished Timothy school had grades. I used the standard grade system and added A++, Ax, I, Ix, I divided. Divided is lower than a minus and a times is higher than a plus. I did math in airplanes a lot. I knew a lot of different types of airplanes and their seating patterns. I drew them a lot. I wrote tons of stories about my imaginary friends getting into trouble in airplanes. I also wrote some horror stories that took places in airplanes that involved hijackers. I was only 11 and knew nothing about terrorist threats. I wrote one book when I was 11 about how to behave in airplanes.
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A-380_oil on wood_9"x22.5"_2007