My sixth year, I was moved into a class with strict teachers. If I cried when I got timed out, they would tell me to stop. I told them I could not help it and they insisted I could. In fact they made me sit on time out to calm down if I continued to cry on time out. Due to being reprimanded for crying on timeout, I got the idea that crying was for babies and got confused when one of the teachers admitted that she cried over the movie “ET.” I thought it was a wussy thing to cry over movies. I saw the movie “The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pitman.” When she was 110 years old she cried over her only husband who had died a tragic death eighty years earlier. I thought she was a wus for “crying over an incident that happened 85 years ago.” I did not understand the depth of why she would cry over that. All I heard from the teacher was it was silly to cry over something that happened an hour ago. But what she was trying to say was timeouts were not a big deal. 

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Bert and Ernie in Psych Ward_oil on canvas_30"x36"_2002